Pre-travel Jitters


Less than 21 hours and I will be on flight 1220 headed for Dallas Fort Worth. Wow. It is finally sinking in. What I’ve found out about myself over the years is that I am really good at tuning things out right up until the last minute; I really don’t get nervous for big things like this until right beforehand. None the less, I am sitting here listening to my heart go “pitter patter” as the pre-travel jitters finally set in.

A little background behind why this whole shenanigans is happening:

Two summers ago I had the privileged to go with a group from my church, Mid Valley Community Church, to our sister church in León, Nicaragua. This experience was amazing on many levels, one of which was finding my love for the Spanish language. This is when the Lord told me to get a minor in Spanish. So here I am today, going abroad to Monteverde for 6 weeks to study the glorious Spanish language and culture.

I am so very excited to see what the Lord is going to do while I’m down there. There are many unknowns, but what I DO know is that the Lord is faithful and will provide, whether it is sleep, homesickness, or a serious case of the squirts. I have peace knowing that He has prepared me for what’s ahead and that as long as I trust in Him, He’s got it covered. One of my favorite verses gives me this hope:

“…And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

So please keep me in your prayers these next 6 weeks, and I will try and keep you updated about what’s happenin’ down here in the jungle!

Much Love,


Well, even Panda guessed it!

Well, even Panda guessed it!


2 thoughts on “Pre-travel Jitters

  1. Tara~
    We are very excited for the adventure that is set before you and the bucket of memories to come with it. We will be watching for updates and praying for you! We know and trust that the Lord is with you wherever you go! Adios Amiga~see you soon!💚✈

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