Entering a new world

The Big Guy upstairs sure does have a sense of humor sometimes. That is what I was reminded of as I stepped off the plane in Costa Rica, breathing in the thick air, barely able to keep my eyes open. Before the trip I was praying for patience and a willing spirit, as this was going to be a long day of travel. As you can already guess, the Lord gave me ample opportunity to practice my patience. The first flight to DFW went flawlessly. After boarding our second flight to San José however, we were in for a rocky ride. We waited on the plane for an hour, periodically told that they were working on various problems. Comforting, right?

Finally the pilot admitted that they were a little optimistic about it all and had to unfortunately pack us up and send us on another flight. Alas, after another two hours of waiting in the airport, we boarded a second time to a much more promising aircraft. Thank goodness the program director was on our flight, so we didn’t need to worry about what to do when we’re stranded in San José. Thank you Lord for the practice, and I’m certain much more is coming!

The following day consisted of touring San José. What a beautifully diverse city! I definitely had a full-blown Spanish-speaking headache by dinner time. It was so worth it though, talking with other students and adults and natives. Some people were surprised when we responded to their English questions in Spanish, it was a marvelous feeling. Overall, a very touristy city with a lot of people in a little space, and if I told you all about it you would probably envision Pike’s Place Market on steroids with less room to walk around.

I will tell you guys all about the little village of San Luis (where I am staying with my Costa Rican family for the next 6 weeks) another time because there is just too much to describe! 

Love from the jungle,


-The first photo is of Katie and I at a statue in the National Park in San Jose which depicts the war Costa Rica had with many other countries including our own. The second is a picture of the road to San Luis, it looks like this everywhere!



6 thoughts on “Entering a new world

  1. I’m already anticipating your next post! You are a very good writer and I feel like I’m traveling with you:). Enjoy!

  2. Such beautiful countryside! I’ve always wanted to go somewhere with rolling green hills like that! Hope you have a great time, and get to speak Spanish very well. 🙂

  3. Tara,your pictures really capture the rural farm land in the area and the fact that it RAINS there a lot. I hope you can stay dry! Oh well, we look forward to your updates!

  4. Love reading about your adventures!! Have a great time. Maybe you and Justin can have conversations in Spanish to keep it up!

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