A Week at the Beach

Our little class of 12 made the trek over to the beach this last week. We traded the rolling green mountains of San Luís for the white, sandy beaches of Playa Sámara. What a change it was! It is pretty fascinating to think about how such a tiny country (about the size of West Virginia) can contain so much diversity, both in weather and in plant/animal life.

No more crickets singing me to sleep at night. Instead, we were introduced to the Iguana, tarantula (just ask Augustín about the time he almost wore one to class), Congo monkey, and a mountain of different types of lizards. And thus, the constant sweat began. With 100% humidity and about 99 degrees in the sun, people live either in the shade or in the water. Thank goodness we were treated to air conditioned rooms at night!

Apparently we brought some rain with us from Monteverde though, because the second night we arrived there was a thunder storm. There were four of us to a little house in a resort on the beach. Ours, of course, was the lucky one to get flooded. Hotel employees worked frantically to dig a ditch next to our little house to try and divert the little lake at our front door around the house. It was fun to talk with the employees in Spanish about how often it rained there and what life was like.

The rest of the week we continued classes (sometimes even on the beach!) and got to explore around to other beaches as well. It was fun to have a change of pace for a week, but I actually think a lot of us had reverse culture shock the first couple of days. All in all, it was fabulous to experience a different part of Costa Rica.

Some of the activities I did were:

-Wrestle some salty waves

-Walk to the nearby city of Sámara and walk around (there was quite a bit of ice cream tasting to be had)

-Bike ride on the beach

-Volleyball in the pool

-Relax in the hammock

-Reapply sunscreen and bug spray about 12 times every day (I’m sure there is a hole in the ozone layer because of me)

-Kayak to the nearby island

-Witness some beautiful sunsets

-Snorkel in the ocean; hold some speedy/prickly starfish

-Eat some delicious ceviche

-Frog catching

As you can see it was a full week, one that I will never forget! Here are some pictures from the week:

Picture Samara


Picture Kayak


4 thoughts on “A Week at the Beach

  1. Tara I’m glad you are having such a great time! Can’t wait to see you and hear more about your trip when you get home! 🙂

  2. How can you even study with so much fun around you?? I would be sooo distracted! We miss you a lot and are also excited that you took this opportunity! Keep memory building!!

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